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Radio Divide Pushing (Independent 2015)


   Yes - No One Left to Blame (Shasta Song) probably, can becoming a remedy for America and Americans whose lately - didn't quite enjoying their quality time for years right after their presidents decided to step in the podium as the world police policy but luckily - peace and love that brought to US by John Lennon (the quiet guy whom got shot by his own fanatic fans) would telling us how dangerous this world today which can be tamed within the shout-out of honest lyrics coming from the rural parts area and dueling banjos brought the combining of Jangle Country Pop and Blue-Grassy sassy looks and sounds which really spreading the sparkles of harmony as the good old Country musical harmony leads back the spirits of America which already long time buried deeper somewhere. The Americana group: Brant Gipson (banjo and guitars), Scott Maruskin (ukulele & bass guitar), Mark Hixson (guitars, dobro) to Steve Frye or Allie Joyner from Columbus, OH has showing the world how aobut deeper their influences roots already grown stronger as Appalachian Mountain must welcoming you as the beginners but never ashamed to admit it. Freedom of almost everything would be related onto thus Hillbillies Music which mixed within of more blending between Country Rock, Bluegrass and Pub Rock independents for this self-titled recording album by Fox Valley Harvest which collaborating their three vocalizations with encouragements and brave messages criticized how far and shallow our modern life has already been. Listen to the singing tracks which can keeping you warm over the baddest stormy weather early morning just like your beautiful wife's smiles cheering up the new day via Rail Car to Bigger Better and The Hour Before.

As rum and honey mixed never failed !

Fox Valley Harvest: