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Quicksand Revenge (Bandcamp 2017)

Doing the last one person project might not be an option as trends nowadays but since Phil Anselmo kept doing it over and over again with only one album or a short-living band formation resurfaced then dead or gone – straightly, the solo project is never a wrongly choice to choose and for this reason, Meth Elvis’s born as the recording of this one man project did well alone and himself by Antti Vaarala in Helsinki, Finland which resulted the nine tracks releasing record called 3D Land which surprisingly – didn’t just crawling and blown up the taste for any metal-heads to listening just about Doomster Rock or Sludgy typhoon but also the mixing of more Alternative Modern Nu Metal, Psychedelic to Heavy Weird Metal-tinged music and more weirdness combines right here for the talented Mr. Vaarala really caught almost everything he had to do and play on his idealistic minds to achieved something semi-fuelled like this album from Meth Elvis (as his own Rock music project). The total blasting through Walk Slash Run to the deeper depressive Encomium or the opening rocket-launcher off Mostly The Voices and Peter that comes like a mix of Therapy and The Almighty hybrids. 

One shall not be regret for having this infamous lesser-known action album because this is rock !

3D Land: