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Puke Up (Slovenly Recordings 2013)

A Power-Pop or Pop Punk lethal but lesser known sensation group Nightmare Boyzzz out of Huntsville, AL playing their format of Scum-Pop products like a dirty Rock N’ Roll and Alternative Country Rock melting pot forms that added by thus influences from Buzzcocks or The Queers talking about love affairs and more rural themed that for city people can be sounded boring but they’re what they’re so – you needs to listen to what they’re wanted to say here on the releasing album and the only one Bad Patterns. 

The highlighted tracks like the drunken Pop-sounds that really caught the interesting for Brit-Pop fans on You’re a Star or Valium and later on collectively through Don’t Wanna Feel Right and You have No Friends might giving the outsiders more reasons to hate these out-towner guys for being punkish and naughty and even when the melodies and licks still can do the interactive interest to their music the access for that might less-understood like you taking a marathon over the swampy barb-wired roads …

Bad Patterns: