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Pro Defunctis 212 (Pitch Black Records 2009)

   If you craving Metallica’s works or some early Maidens then this recording off the Nicosia (Cyprus) Thrashy Heavy Metal band – Prodigal Earth might can satisfied yourself as the great techniques emerging and the solo performance with the heavy riffs slaying, swaggering and blowing up the amplifiers and stereo-system on your room or your school radio stations as the teachers or co-workers or even your hot mommy shall all screaming insanely while covering their ears for this loud music to be turned on. 
Exactly, the actual themes from this band are purely active on promoting the fate anf life viewed from the Christianity way as Socrates Leptos or drummer Nicholas Phillipou or Antonis Marvou on guitars wrecking the air with their credible high-techniques skills for playing real Heavy Metal with Adriatic/Mediterranian’s style and high octave clean vocals leading singer which providing you a good songs and better loudest music even though it’s not secular for Zenith II Zero recording. 
The bass-lines or the smashing drumming to the great solo-guitars like razors really capturing the essential sounds played by Prodigal Earth with their very little “right winged” attitudes on lyrics. Listen to Once Upon A Crime, Crossroads, God’s Children or The End (Ashes of Desire pt. 1) – leaving some to reacting positive but more would hating them too because Heavy Metal should be a far from positivism with too many promising lies but honesty for sell.

Zenith II Zero: