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Postmaster Sermons (Bandcamp 2009)

   Seminal experimental musicians inform of a group from Providence, Rhode Island snatching name off another West-Coast’s state and taken it for themselves; California Smile probably trying to resurgent the sparkling and fiasco stories not only from Rhode Island area but expanding to the beautiful West Coast side as their type of sounds introducing the track-projects by six compositions through the album called Roof Came Off House as it carrying thus Modern, World-wide traditional of self-written tones here for you and other music generations entirely for enjoying these private melodic guitars explorations as well as others musical instruments via semi-complicated composing tracks as The man who Claps the Fastest for about six minutes long or Two Hares to Air with that exploring kinds of Gypsy mixed and French connections as the main attentions would be on a spotlights of the dueling of piano, accordion and solo violin’s show-off standings. 
Not even the last effort on My Fruit in one minute forty seconds and as the stinging strings arrangements popped out – surprising your beloved music-loving ears in melodies. 

Roof Came Off House: