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Pony Unicorn (Flula Borg international 2016)

   One of the famous Youtube personality around as not just a viral celebrity but also a German DJ, musician, engineer, actor and you shall recognizing him from an annoying character members of Das Sound Machine from the movie Pitch Perfect 2 but for the real free time as his own – the tall guy Flula Borg or DJ Flula would be a fun-loving criminal whose keeping adding his comedy jokes even when he’s writing the music materials for recording as we can realizing it through the latest album from this Erlangen’s Electro Dance Music, Hip-Hop Rap to Beat-boxing as well as accordion or trombone awkwardly, funny and freaking enjoyable to listen right there on Animalbum as Flula used to be collaborated with other Youtubers like Smosh or Miranda Sings and thus experiences really pointed perfect through these ten part of nonsense, part serious shit but never leaving out the fun basic in every of their beats like Daddy Long Legs (feat. Captain Danger), Opa Poodles (I Am in Germany), Runaway Dog or Chickening Out to Rat Race; sentinel beats works !