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Pluto Horn (Small Stone Records 2012)

   Part Stoner Rock and Hard Rock with bigger percentage and less percentage of Space Rock Psychedelic Indie Pop blending didn’t make these New Haven, CT rock band of the quartet talents – Michael Petrucci, Mike Pellegrino, Vechel Jaynes and John Conine feeling inferior because actually, you will hearing them blasting most of the efforts through the self-written composing materials they’ve made themselves which sounded promising as the music from Lord Fowl can easily invites anyone whom into Rock N’ Roll and harder music to head-banging whether you’re still sober or drunk just like being inside the car chasing movie scenes where the bad guys kidnapping the girl and the hero runned down the walls on his raids towards the bad guys compound as the tones cranking loud and free – as the riff knitting the solos and melodic riffs naturally, guarding the essential standard beats between the faster Stoner Metal and thus slower Space Prog-Rock choices like on the tracks Touch Your Groove or Split to Mutate and Streets of Evermore (probably, a non-official tribute to Zeppelin) as well as Dirty Driving back to back with The Queen is Not Impressed where things getting a little bit wild but still can controllable through this promising Moon Queen album !

Moon Queen: