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Pillars Starry Void (Small Stone Recordings 2016)

   Doesn’t take a long time to make you headbanging while started to play the magnificent lesser-known and independent trio of It’s Not Night: It’s Space which are Tommy Guerrero the bass guitar player, Michael Lutomski on drums and Kevin Halcott (guitars) bursting the great instrumental creative music made of the blending for Hard Rock, Stoner, Retro Shoegaze and Psychedelic Rock N’ Roll in form of Indie Music match through-out the album of Our Birth is but a Sleep and a Forgetting just like the planting accident for beanstalk from giant’s heaven and blasted songs of non-vocals like Across The Luster of The Desert into The Polychrome Hills in seven minutes or The Beard of Macropropus that both are easily giving you a glimpse of occultism touch or a magic atmosphere that carried away spreading like a harsh authentic and melodious harmony music with the soft distorts or feedback effects invading the space between the layers of our air little by little affecting the planet as the gazing flux void preserved the journey ended with no answers back yet in mystery.

Our Birth is a Sleep and a Forgetting: