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Pigeon Children (Warner Bros. Records 1971)

Neeting and formed the group as a trio somewhere during their military assignments in London; Dan Peek (keyboards, guitars, vocals), Dewey Burnell (guitars, vocals) and Gerry Beckley (guitars, vocals, piano) forming the Country Folk-Rock and Pop semi-acoustic group named America. The releasing of their first debut self-titled album also can be compared to CSNY or other pre-Flower Generations musical journey as this trio turns out to be one of the pioneers for the awakening of the more artistic or non-simplified to the more than mild protests and smarter music as weapon not only just for entertainment only. America the album compelling the story and wiser lyrics inside the gifted vocals harmony blending tightly, smooth and sounded awesome as the band members completes their track-listing as the opening season of long-period of the golden Hippie cultures worldwide via Never Found The Time, Clarice, Donkey Jaw or Three Roses as well as Riverside. 

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