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Pedro's Racker (Bandcamp 2014)

You might thinking that you’ve been stepping in a wrong gate and sent back through time-travelling as landed on that year somewhere around the 60’s as the ears capturing this lonesome harmony melodies coming out from the stereo playing non-vocals instrumental materials recorded by the Montreal, Quebec’s Indie experimental of Surf and Cartoon Rock  group named The Artsy Chicks. Displaying their essential unique combinations of Rock Grungy music with more Traditional or Funky tones through the self-titled album with the tangled melodious mixed for saxophone and keyboards as the tenor being wrapped up with the elegant bass-lines or the smooth relaxing guitar play bringing us: Suzie’s Spunk, Silver Top, Been There Done That and the weird track 40 Days in The Desert with Radioactive Monkeys as souvenirs from Dominic Caterina, Juan Cruz Fernandez, Mario Lombardi, Corey Tardiff and Zach Scholes' magnetic play.

The Artsy Chicks: