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Paranoid Rush (Independent 2016)

   Not the infamous Vol. 4 off Sabbath’s catalogs but closer enough for being at least, little less comparable to the legendary and mighty recording from Ozzy and co. but you must know that these Baku, Azerbaijan solo project of Sludge Metal and Stoner Dooming music sounds can turning from just creepy onto dangerously devastating with its heavy riffs and extremely aggressions performance through the main man – Nijat Hesenzade (all instruments, vocals) using his influences of favorable metallic music for creating Pyraweed and the latest recording session release on Vol. 3 which can be less difficult being picked as your new great hope for destruction and weed-smoking soundtrack which preserved inside exploding slower songs like Greed on Green, Electric Bottom or Under The Acid Rain. 

Let the feedback or the distorts reign heavy. 

Vol. 3: