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Palace In Crime (Columbia 2015)


   Naming themselves after the most hype things needed by the world as a new addiction since the awakening of Rn’B and Hip-Hop music – The Internet must be one of those newer group from Los Angeles out there that would taking you on a flow-riding groovy beats towards their mid-tempo of Soulful Alternative Black Music as Rhythm and Blues providing the signature comfort zone for the listeners enjoying the band’s third installments on Ego Death.
Still consisting of Christopher A. Smith, Patrick Paige, Jameel Bruner, Matt Martians and Syd The Kyd off Odd Future; presenting the most outrageous delicious silky smoothy sounds through this gifts and talents of the blacks. 
   As you will flying a bit higher but safe within the notations, beats and tones requiring only ordinary ears to catch them and tracks of social fortunes and intimated sensuality like Under Control, Gabby (featuring Janelle Monae), Go with It (featuring Vic Mensa), For The World (featuring James Fauntleroy) or Girl (featuring Kaytranada) might not easily to getting rid off even after the stains of hot sex last night already dry or washed but your minds still playing tricks up there – dreaming about the next meeting for Special Affair or Something’s Missing below Penthouse Cloud. 

Ego Death: