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Over Easy Priests (Abduction 2014)


   Sounded just like the next Indie Rock project from John Paul Jones and Wings with actually, the head-leader Alvarius B known as Alan Bishop back-dropping the minimalist and maximizes artistic quartet musician from Egypt especially, Eskenderella’s  Aya Hemeda and Cherif El Masri to Adham Zidan and Magued Nagati respectively as a young stellar musicians writing and composed the musical companion for this new project of Seattle Sounds meet Rock N’ Roll Classic via The Invisible Hands. Out of his legendary US band before this; Alvarius B successfully, creating the newest bridge to connecting the gap between the ocean of Modern Alternative Music with the older format of Heavy Rock within these tracks-listed songs on the recording album – Teslam.
   The variations of vocals harmony or the manageable sound-editing where the infamous traditional music of the Middle East desert and the poetic lyrical that to be honest really gave the interactive musical maker products on this album sounding adventurous and mystique to the bone. 
   All the Zeppelin, Robert Plant solo works, Pink Floyd to Hawkwind or Progressive Rock should having this record through; Eyes in The Back of your Head (fully progressive but never sounded ignorant) or Places, Weasel Down, The Blaze to The Great Implosion. 
   Like the firecracker blown up under the clear water to make a chemical reaction with reasons – they’re beautiful and epic, like the combinations of oddity between The Flaming Lips and The Rolling Stones having too much LSD.