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Orientis Scorpio (Pitch Black Records 2016)

   Off the topic on the band’s themes covering the objective on mythology or mystic where Arrayan Path whose used to formed in the US soil moved several times and changing their base to the permanent Lemesos, Cyprus. Bursting their Epic Power Metal sounds that straight and melodious to hear by any enthusiastic metal-heads lovers; the aesthetic harmony complete line-up of them: vocalist Nicholas Leptos, George Kallis (keyboards), Alexis Kleidaras or Socrates Leptos (guitars), Stefan Dittrich (drums) and Paris Lambrou (bass) as a six-pieces group as the changing path also followed by the band’s name re-worked as themselves nowadays. 
High-pitched clean vocals and sophomore visualized Metal-music which sounding tremendous to watch and listenable for us. 
   The remarks within this Chronicles of Light really brought their messages and stories to be understandable and completed through Lex Talionis, Gabriel is Rising, Solomon Seed, Ignore The Pain to The Distorted Looking-Glass might reminding us back to the eclipse zenith when US Thrasher like Metallica, Exodus or Testament meets their way to thus Symphonic Metal alliance colliding with Modern Metal as tranquilizer; banging the walls of history with this loud music and slicing solos ! 

Chronicles of Light: