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Orange Moonwalk (Bandcamp 2014)

What is it feel when you are disguising as The Beatles but having the roots influenced of Pop-Punk and Power-Pop in your vein but you need to hiding on a remote quite place after releasing the launch album and let nobody seeing your appearance or look – that’s why you need to camouflage. 

Different story as the same purposes come to desk and demanding actions but this time Black Fruit responds the audience. 

These Grand Rapids, Michigan carrying the simple Rock N’ Roll and Lo-Fi works within Shoegaze’d lazy eyes tone and little bit naughtiness often surfacing on one or more of their songs; the trio Alexandre Falardeau (vocals, guitars), Casey Huizenga (bass guitar) and Dj Plummer (drums) trying to sounded idealistic with the spontaneous temporary songs of tremendously being yourself via White Lie or She Wants To Die or Be Your Mother and Three Pears really did some damage for the bigots and opportunists. 

She The Album: