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Omphalos (Century Media 2015)

Aware of what she would do with or without her semi-legendary underground Hardcore metal group Crisis or the duet dueling in Ephel Duath; our Karyn Krol or Karyn Crisis finding herself occult tradition magic touch still emerging through another music project Salem's Wounds composed by her through her and telling more empathy, dreams and nightmares about her feelings in a more non-comfort and horrible ways via this Karyn Crisis’ Gospel of The Witches that combining her influences and loves for the blending music between Avant-Garde, Alternative Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal to Progressive Melodic Hardcore as the growler vocals out of Karyn’s inner-self beauty mind and soul seems delivering more excellent new blasts which not only comes as thus loudest, disturbance and ear-deafen noises but here we should see that Karyn Crisis alone already making her subjective themes crawling out  the gender abnegation for Aradia, Mother, Father, Pillars or The Secret and The Ascent; exploding harder !

Salem's Wounds: