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Oboe Human Rabbit (Sony Music Entertainment 1996)


   May becoming one of the best interesting newcomers from the Grungy and Alternative era of the nineties representing South Africa or Stellenbosch – Western Cape to be exact and you might meeting the members of the band – calling themselves Springbok Nude Girls with their huge influences of materials and musical; either Faith No More, The Cure, Seattle Sound to the mad mad attitude from Stone Temple Pilots’ frontman on drugs. Releasing this second effort of Afterlifesatisfaction, vocalist Arno Carstens, guitarist Theo Crous, drummer Francious Kruger and bassist Arno Blumer with the additional late-joiner but important to the group Adriaan Brand on trumpet and synthesizers which easily becomes a greater successful interest by the national media coverage within the coincidence of “one eyed horny weirdo” record on Afterlifesatisfaction and the tracks of oddities and approval entropy  through those eighteen tracks possibly recorded here on the album in variety type of either introductions or structure of music that breathing onto the elastic insanity to good common Indie Rock sessions – all around up to the compiled between Folk-Rock, Punk-Rock, New Wave taste and Indie distorted shape of compliments over Supergirl or Genie, Martha Jones, Totally Committed to Horizontal Landscape.

You shall loved to meet them on the early stage of prosper extra-ordinary gentleman’s necessity for being different back to the days !

After Life Satisfaction: