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Numisma Nuit Yucca (Ant-Zen 2016)

   One would immediately had an attack from the combination of Breakcore, Electronic music and Industrial as this unseen genre indifferences juggling between the work of your Belgian duo named Axiome: Olivier Moreau and Cedrik Fermont in their human condition shaped quietly releasing this L’Avenir Est Un Cerf Teint album with eleven Acid-Electro music tracks under the magical symbol of a holy buck in front. Seeing is believing and listen to these collaborative effects sounds in clear echoes probably will leave your brain filled with dizziness through the modified music format as Le Cri Du Gecko or The Hummus Eating Lion, Solidified Tsunami as well as Olifantome; giving the gifts of odd-news information under the bliss of  haze in French and English titles of the Axiome’s experimental and progressive IDM tracks.