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Nuh Hustler Dawgs (DJR Records 2009)

   Watch your steps while wandering the wilderness of nature in Dancehall/Reggae/Rn’B/Raggamuffin/Hip-Hop territory of Mad Cobra because when he hits you with the bites; unluckily you might pass-out and infected by the music venom (not) fine. Born Ewart Everton Brown, this recording example from closer years before now – Helta Skelta may be your proof for witnessing how soft but hardcore the music made by him really sounded alike. 
Murderous lyrics and odd beats but cooler to dance in bewildering shall be filled up your room as the smoking joint isn’t a crime for having this and not chit-chat while your hands and your dick fucking your woman harder as the music itself never wanted to stop; the triggering beats, lyrics about socio-politics or the natural daily gangsta stuff as well as drugs and booty-ass chicks would taking you higher and floating or deeper in drilling your baby’s pinky holes. 
Don’t hasitate to considering this as vulgar recording music because one might finding the temporary peace and the hard-life can meet in the single spotless way possible into harmony of good vibes and groovy lust through Free Style, Bedroom Gangsta, One Lip to The Stiff, Lead Poison, Dat Me Want (feat. Spice) to Swear Gal and Me and My Crew (feat. Big Beast & Rural) variously shall brought the street life right to your wrong side of the living room or privately, matches for any interracial sex actions – whether on the beach-side, strip-club or even behind the backseat of a police car, man !

Helta Skelta: