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No Tomorrow Mine (Island/Universal 2013)

Maybe it’s true that besides being herself talented and creative to be a female disc jockey exists today she’s also being an only FDJ whose signing to Universal Music Australia as it acclaims the facts about Angelique Meunier or being known to the worldwide EDM, Dance-Electro and Pop Music charts and media as Havana Brown; the one sexy blonde thing whom nobody can resists her appearance and through the debut recording of herself – we got Flashing Lights which spawning the international hits single: the attractive We Run The Night (feat. Pitbull) which exploding almost everywhere since it started to climbing up the charts and the radio demand-lists to the anthem for most of the Dance Clubs elsewhere and not only this but more tracks recording there on the album really would turning the fresh hot lady DJ to the next superstars within Warrior, Big Banana, Naughty, Any1 To Someone to Love or One more Time. 
The equivalent of laser-beams and the smoke screens and the party-goers and the mixing tips might be blended things into one under the techniques and creativity made by Havana Brown shown to public and you will adore her much than before after listening to the EDM/Euro-House/Rn’ B beats that influencing the happy thoughts for Electro-Music  addictions. 

Sassy Disc Jockey ...

Flashing Lights: