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New Fields Hope (Nonesuch Records 2007)

   This is how it’s going to be for the spare-timing before the next weirdness coming back to the studio with his legendary Alt-Rock Electro madness of Radiohead that giving Jonny Greenwood the talented, calm and quiet guitarist to exploring his own passion through the Oscar nominated American’s historic and epic drama movie – There Will Be Blood starring Daniel Day-Lewis. 
   The tracing back intrigues and various stories around the booming oil era in West Coast – Southern California to be exact where a public figure and prospector from New Mexico Daniel Plainview seeking silver or gold as certified and being crippled in wheel-chair but later on after changing his luck by finding oil near Los Angeles and build his own small company – Daniel portraying “a family man” having problems not over the claiming by other business rivalry but from his own son H.W which just bring the success man to almost his doom. 
   Later on being co-working with names of locals like Paul Sunday, his half-brother Henry or  the greedy reverend Eli Sunday whom went succumbs after Daniel beats him and humiliated him at dinner. 
   As the company and the Oil business getting bigger with Daniel choose to having an agreement with Union Oil for constructing pipelines as the disaster struck H.W that loses his hearing sense after an explosion of gas blowout and accident kills one worker on site. Jonny Greenwood’s composing music score for this highly artistic suspense movie about the latter days in the West of Modern day United States capturing almost the quite aspects and problematic mingled within the dramatizing hard efforts to those bad habits and fights in between arguments, family matters and characters that stumbled upon the story-board plot. 
   There Will Be Blood soundtrack which contains mostly more strings arrangements, sessions of Chamber musical performances, reluctant slower barefoot feeding for your ears – the Classical Music lovers and serious movies to have them all in one through this package. 
   Whether the conclusion shows that Daniel kills his own partner or H.W marrying Mary and moved to Mexico as the filming nearly finish; one might wanted to know about the track-titles on the original scoring board by Radiohead’s guitarist, programmer, keyboardist, etc through the first composition on Open Spaces, visionary resemblance via Future Markets, Henry Plainview to Proven Lands really providing an ultimate golden-shower of oldie basic over how brilliant our new generation respecting the past history by given their interpretations within music and caught our imaginations because there’s nothing absolutely forgotten by cinematic and music while combines.