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New Empire (The Eastern Front 2008)

Only being known by its origin country on Israel; persons whom listening to the depressive sound-noise mixes made by Krauzer might finding it a little bit difficult to understands except for the historic themes about the background stories related to the Crusades of European Christian Army to the Middle East. With this releasing entitled In Hoc Signo Vinces which evaporates the mixing lower-sounding of Electronic forms in depth darker mixture of variable noise-products that started from the numbers of songs like Concile De Clermont as the Pope collectively unites his own army of peasants, barons and kings marching towards Jerusalem and executing the infidels for greedily retaken the holy city under the ruling Christendom as followed by Deus Lo Vult. An English-lyrics tones of Our Sights are set at the Holy Land or Les Premiere Batailles are definitely telling the audiences about how bloody and gory Jerusalem had felt and the sign of Templar brought by Kreuzer will said it all offensively. Triple parts of Saint Graal music nearly at the end of the record taught us about how power and politics will never lived longer than it supposed to be based on greed and envy but knowledge lives on forever even after the Final Rain and the great loss of humanity. The themed basic on military, Industrial and Ambient mixed well to haunts us as the history seems to be blurred and distorted as exposes in darker music.