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Nether Nether Symphonium (Dirter Promotions 2008)


   Oddity sharp alienated noises shall awakening your curiosity or your fear over the things that for yourself and the audiences would sounding alienated and unknown; as the eerie feelings begun to struck the moment you trying to start the strange recording from Andrew Liles – a multi-instrumentalist and sound artists outputting his musical works just like something made or coming from another world far from Earth’s civilizations we used to know. Blending of Experimental Noise, Dark Ambient, Progressive Rock to Industrial Drone really could making the listeners of this talented mysterious guy – either dead or getting insane; the focused musical mastery of creepy sounds led to headache or nearly healthy mind-losses happened right when the recording from Mr. Liles on Quarda (The Subtle Art of Phyllorhodomancy filling your world with abstract Electronic experiments and Ambient touches infecting the lame pathetic minds with nothing but questions and more confusions.  
   Crazy but idealistic tracks such as Croydon Face-lift, Spurious Middle Class Eccentricity, Guinea Pigs, A Fake Suicide in Paris to Disappearance of Spoons, The Woodpecker and Cuckoo Debacle or Adest Rosa Secreta Eros and Another Shift in This Universe and other songs available here on the album might seems to rejecting a normality sense of social values and common knowledge and spending the over-time searching to the reasonable explanations for the unreasonable imperfection. You already entering the terribly wrong world …   

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