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Nascency 4th (Blood Music 2016)

   Horrific and creepy are some of the feelings that shall quickly haunts you – the listeners for doing the inappropriate pressing of play button with this GosT’s recording on it and the volume may be already put on a wrongly loud position. As the alias for James Lillar – the US Electronic music producer and a creative noise-breaker composer whose really knows how to giving his audiences a good kicking and infectious kissing of blasting beats like the soundtrack format for any suspense thrilling movies and those B-rated ones which had a little bit soft-porn on and more blood and disgusting effects just like the one that you will get while having this music on through your damn stereo. Releasing the recording session of Non Paradisi; whether it’s made out of low budget, average or even reaching the higher as to 10-15 Euro as an example but bullshit walks and terror beats and experimental tempos chasing each other altogether running via the disc within the effective themes subject picks that mostly, depends on the non-demanding for Dark-Wave, Heavy Metal mix with Retro-Synth to the depth of Avant Garde dwells on terminus or deeper down as you wished you would slashing someone or strangled the hot girl who despise you the first place – not on the dark alley but on her own bedroom as the soundtrack for thus actions may coming from the sensual rocking beats within the songs like Aggrandizement (feat. Bitchcraft), Arise (feat. Kriistal Ann), I Am Abbadon to Unum Infernum. 

This is your Techno-Satanic Disco anthem choir made by the new technology …

Non Paradisi: