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Mr 50/50 (Self-Released 2013)

Rockers quartet of power-house Hard Rock type thing like the variations of younger version of AC/DC, Damn Yankees and Southern Stoner that lives on pounding the beat music to burn down the bar while playing theirs. All thus thirsty rock fans looking for the shot-gunned rhythms, heavenly burst of orgasm guitar solo and melodies to the best damn Rock forms ever did touching the finish-line and releasing this concluded mini album Hammered Again e.p would be the Four Wheel Drive only (even when then they’re decided to change the name to City of Thieves) but nothing’s wrong with how Will Richards, Paddy Achtelik, Ben Austwick and Jamie Lailey may little closer to be stepping Guns N’ Roses sandals but there’s still plenty differences for them for quitting to be a bandwagon and having their own ways to creating music that bangs – that keeps making you and the blonde, sexy and hot babes dancing or head-banging the strip club until the morning comes. 

The extra tracks to watch: Big Red Appetite and No Money Down. 

Hammered Again e.p: