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Mother Earth Love (When Planet Collide 2015)

Doomster Atmospheric Metal trio from San Francisco, CA with Susie on vocals, bass to Jamie guitars and Jordan the drummer mixing their powerful heavy riffs sounds within Psychedelic and Stoner influences as one shall think that the music is thicker than just an average group consisting only three members as the ethereal echoing female vocals will haunts your hearing through this releasing record of extended play entitled Donkey. Thus crushing drums and cymbals with a few strings harmony replays the ignorance blasts brought to the surface from a garage session jams just like the cult figure in pink background with a donkey-head, breasts and pregnant tummy and a tail that has a mythical dragon-rooster head might becoming a unpleasant sighting to see as the castle on the back presenting the force of an unknown supreme being a symbol of fertilized goddess in the making – showing the true influence of female presence around the group circular noise music. In non-alphabetical order, one would know that Brume trio isn’t a band that you can easily ignore and tracks like the seven minutes Shadows or another seven minutes Win or Help Me lasted for five minutes and forty five seconds can giving the clue of how mystical the band’s mini album works out in destructive themes by simplicity.

Brume's Donkey: