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Moronic Thickhead (Go-Kart Records 1998)

Raw and rowdy to the bones – you will love to pogo-dancing and let your nose bleed and one of your arm broken for having this group trashing the club or rocking through your damn stereo because The Candy Snatchers are the finest one after the desperate historic of Punk Rock music over the nineties that reaching back for the infamous essence of the pure Garage Rock, driven crazy acts and really bad bad attitudes on stage and on the records which showing hard for the recording of them called Human Zoo! with all the destructible actions completely raising for everyone and the promises of there will be fucking blood spills on the floor or wall after that; you will feel the energy and the power of what the media would calls as “dirty Punk-Rock” and the songs from these quartet of Norfolk, Virginia are there to slamming you harder. Listen to the loudest version from Burn it to The Ground, Treda Douche, 30 Grams to Life, Hooligan or Drunken Blur – which most of them aren’t supposed to delivering kindness or good thoughts but an action for every reactions counts or payless cause Punk Rock never wins anything but loyalty from their fans ! 

R.I.P Matthew Odietus …