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Moon Walk Arms (Polydor Records 1984)

Maybe this is the US version for the late respected Hard Rock legends from Scotland Thin Lizzy out from the New Wave scene to the world as The Jon Butcher Axis created by the American rocker blues guitarist named Jon A. Toombs; influenced by his likes for Jimi Hendrix, Richie Havens, John Lennon to Bob Dylan and off course, Phil Lynott. Recruiting his musicians for the group project and releasing albums like this Stare at the Sun as his second one featuring drummer Derek Blevins, Christopher Martin on bass guitar and produced by Pat Moran, reached for number 160 on Billboards and one might finding the tracks of it are finest and interesting to listen. The mixing of Hard Rock, Prog-Rock, Pop-fusion and Bluesy to New Wave beats really captures the vibrations between the balance of Rock and Dance-Pop as the themes as usual moving towards daily romance and story to tell by sharing their songs like Victims, Can’t Tell the Dancer from The Dance and Don’t Say Goodnight to us. 
A great gift either for farewell or congratulation card-package is this one as a mighty choice to send to the loves one whether they still belongs to you or not anymore … 

Stare at The Sun: