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Monogamy Ferris Effie (Bandcamp 2017)

   By using Pop-Indie and Modern Alternative Rock patterns as influenced by the older names and artistic putting basic sounds of soft tones but catchy not boring; meet these Memphis, Tennessee youth group – Pillow Talk whose rarely, playing their smooth slow and mid-tempo music like their European counterparts always do within the same scene or genre which surprisingly – let this releasing of This is All Pretend album that showing radish background as the symbols of both women and geese meant magical mysteries like the band did as well. Mixed by Calvin Lauber, the songs listed on it really would making you feel relaxing and imagined like running through an empty street searching for the truth and real love under the romancing sky in April - fully emotional and could reminding one for the Cranberries in a boy version sound-alike. 

So, just listen to Little Worries, Sorry in My Mind, Daffodils, Go Where U Want 2 or Quite Love because whether you got surprises in restless; nothing can stop romantic sense moments from affecting this life …

This is All Pretend: