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Moebius Loop (Victor 2015)

   The quartet of Heavy Power Metal of Mary’s Blood are definitely heavy as the hardest rock and beautiful by the looks and for this – Japan perhaps, didn’t have to worry cause the roots over their female rock-heads already deeply attached by history and when one band collides, another one resurfacing and replace it pretty quickly. Meet the foursome of Rio (bass), Mari (drums), Saki on (awesome solo) guitars and Eye the vocalist from Destrose as the changing objects of players also comes and go but this classic record release from the girls – the third album Bloody Palace might captures some romantic horror in their essential Speed Metal tempos as the J-Rock trademark didn’t went far but solid for years and you will love this head-banging sounds with the best high-pitched vocals and special techniques available to performs by the quartet. Beautiful and full power music burst through the tracks like Bite The Bullet, Crime and Punishment, Song for You or Ready to go – exploding the stereo system and Grayish World surrounds the audiences because there’s nothing wrong with the band but excellence ! 

Bloody Place: