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Minx Boys Club (Sub Pop 2014)

Formed just about several years after the new millennium didn’t stopping these all-female Indie Rock and New Wave-Pop quartet from Los Angeles: Dum Dum Girls to performing their old retro beat-sounds that shall reminds you much about Berlin, Til Tuesday or Wang Chung and of course, The Go-Go’s with the semi-dancing clever mix moves borrowed from the fun-side of B52’s legacy – Julianna “Jules” Medeiros, Kristin Gundred, Malia James and Sandra Vu respectively sparkled their mid-tempo sexy dark beats and good harmony vocals like tasty snacks or crème cake using the disclosures within Rimbaud Eyes, Are You Okay ?, Evil Blooms or Cult of Love and the rest of these materials from this recording release of Too True. 
You will love the melodies, the wisdom deeper lyrics and the romance-tinged captures inside this ! 

Too True: