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Minotaur Solace (Fear Studio 2012)

   At first it seems that this Bristol, South West England band: Bull-Riff Stampede sounding too much closer to the newer modern Metalcore and Nu metal music generally but if you hear them did their stuff a little bit closed; it seems that the extreme Heavy Metal manic of the in-between Underground and surfacing lines off them really blurred to pointing at. Within the sums of Southern Metal to the Thrashy crust to the violent products of themed talking about legends, Horror movies, society and life – the encouraging quartet of Rod Boston (bass), David Garnett (vocals, guitar), Jay Walsh (guitars) and James Perry (drums) released their debut recording called Scatter the Ground with twelve deadly dangerous songs in solid metallic structure to build-in and you are surely, invited to try-out the cracking blast sounds that kills onto the riffs, the double pedals and the screaming vocals – all are possible to burn the complex down to ashes within Raze, My Worst Nightmare, Mask of Five Skulls or Advance and Conquer – comes slicing your throat. 

So, let’s put on the amplifier loudest and as the volume getting louder your ears really would bleeding severe and that’s going to be problems after that !

Scatter the Ground: