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Minimal Animal (Bandcamp 2010)


   Austrian duo of Collector Base Emitter developed their basic musicianships of Noise Rock episodes recording as their experimental devices performance by Phillip Iroh or Winfried Steiner on both ideas and reincarnations of toning balance for either; the bass-lining booms or the slower Doomy distortions in Transis repetitively – shall given the listeners a subjective signaling of meaningless symbols on crushing regime of live-band instrumentalist format over the recording package which opening with the track of Prog-Metal sequence in more than nine minutes more possible as the next chapters believed to be over-ridden by the likes fan based to this type of Heavy Music sound discography.
   Almost thirteen minutes later or entering the last stands through the occult middle track – I Worship The Sun shall giving you an essential feelings or phrase to buried as secrets; that the music has its hidden messages ready to let yourself being controlled by the mind within the Prog-Metal or Drone noises.