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Mina Dirty One (Dischord Records 2012)

   Melting his magic pots of being influenced by Indie Music, Grungy attitudes to Art-Deco architectures pioneering by Andy Warhol as the godfather of modern cultural arts also paying respects to some of the greatest movie stars of US such as Julia Roberts to Martin Sheen and Robert Downey Junior which collaborates the maniacal engines of this trans-gendered reincarnation for Justin Moyer on turning to Edie Sedgwick as the music taste really would making you dancing crazy in the streets like Rod Stewart camouflaging himself into Mika’s flowery beneficial parade and singing more free-themed tracks as one might easily find out off We Wear White like a simply confusing anonym of triple “w” right there. 

Rockin’ The Boat followed by Goddam or thus Hex of Sex (For Minimal Man) and Ghost Dick probably, comes like a soft wind to wave the rainbow flags proudly, as Edie Sedgwick kept on dancing while sing the pluralism and homogeny through out Weatherman and DNA. 

Dragging her solo attributes for bewildering the tamed stupid world to grows back the freedom of being yourself. With JosaFeen Wells (vocals), Kristina Buddenhagen (bass, vocals) and Jess Matthews (drums) …

We Wear White: