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Meridian Earth (AFM Records 2000)

Fixing your trust on excellent Doom and Death Metal recording through this Kassel, Hesse – Germany from the early new millennium releasing studio album of Sleeping Gods’ New Sensation. The awesome vocals by guitarist Tim Siebrecht to neat doomy/thrashy drumming by Lars Pristl as well as bassist Bjorn Lupke and guitarist Markus Stephan spoken about romance, death and dreams within their powerful Heavy Metal music aus Deutschland on Together as One, Sweet Suffering to My Favorite or Where The Flavor is opening by the blasting track of H99. 
As the perfect riffs and choruses rising the tide of both depressive taken from a Gothic influence to thus melodic solos and certain measurements over how Sleeping Gods should have enough attractions to make themselves known pretty much but unfortunately, ended being disbanded. 
Such a greater album delivering from the late nineties era of Western European Heavy Metal scene which kept staying underground but healthy. 
If you love standard tempos and blasting sound preference to a classic performance Goth-Metal in symphony; this one’s for you.

New Sensation: