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Menter ‘Walken” Reeve (Bandcamp 2011)

Math-Rock Indie templates under the lesser-known works of the Toronto, Ontario that you can hear exclusively via Franko Spanko’s Greatest Hit to Everything Popular is Wrong and An Awkward Moment with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich must be too damn funny to read to as a song title but there you have them right from the group naming themselves The Bulletproof Tiger; consisting of Corey Temesy (guitars), Drew Krech (guitars), Greg Smith (drums) and Tim Neczpal (bass) whose mainly growing from their instrumental music written without vocals as the combination of Djent, Indie Rock, Progressive Metal and more experiments mixed drilling through our listening room via the stereo system  making most of the people who loved this model of music experiences would drooling and wanted for more of it. The massive wider aspects and complicated colors of tones colliding hard for making a non-simplicity melodic story without words but freely demanding your imaginations to spend and developed harder as well – finishing these tracks recorded here on You Wanna Kiss About It ? record that drawing a thick line background of real independency towards commercialism; taking few steps far and never look back to it because The Bulletproof Tiger has putting their evolving ideas and bravery above money and finds tranquility on this musical effort.

Don't be too spoiled like a messy little baby eating their porridge ...

You Wanna Kiss About It: