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Medusa Voyage (Ear Music 2013)

   Not fading away and out even after several solo albums farther from the golden times when she used to be with Nightwish as her legendary Finnish Symphonic Metal group decided to parted ways with Tarja Turunen (born Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen-Cabuli) as the native Kitee, Finland woman with fabulous and extra-ordinary power vocals in high-toned pitch and doubled in power really giving Tarja an actual weapon for doing any kinds of difficult tempos or musical challenge and even better when she doing it alone for her own career. 
Through this fifth solo project works from Ms. Tarja; Colours in The Dark – showing our silent queen in black giving her blessings towards many people in mixture of color powders because you also aware that this female singer can really sounding remarkable and out-standing as those promises proven right there within the track-listings like 500 Letters or Victim of Ritual and Lucid Dreamer and Never Enough which delivering the main event persona of most and every single album of Tarja – symphonic of harmony and melodic sounds that glare or slicing sharp form over the stereo system. 

Loving her and this one may become truly magnificent to taste ! 

Colours in The Dark: