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Masjien Scars (Flamedrop Productions 2014)


   Cape Town's relevant Gothic Metal Symphonic and Industrial Metal cross-overs attributes from the quartet of drummer Ronnie, guitarist - Patrick, Paul as the busy rocker for being programming, keyboards, bass guitar to guitars and productions with the band's lead female vocalist Sonja the dark-haired vampire sister type perfections bring their music forward within the standard tempos and Heavy Rock/Electro-blasting rapidly, have made the king of the jungle where the gates already open but the evilyn spirits roaring the world of man that's why we will need all the man-powered but simple as the beats attacking like the needles aiming for the hearts that ticks for now and as the Goth-Rock dilematic lyrics and depressive taken over the surfaces; let these eleven tracks showing you the way NOT because the lady in front of the coven is turning from an angel to the dweller spirits like Elf or succubus as the influences from Sisters of Mercy, Robert Smith without make-up or Symphonic Goth Metal in general life. The lyrics are non-living approved as the recording of Terminatryx using this Shadows as an Outcast, Purifier, Metropolis or Medusa might giving indicators that you didn't want to mess with the Gorgon witch as the distorted loudest guitars and drums filling in the lost of steps from Shadow but Gone. In forty two minutes, Terminatryx (with their glamour acts of reincarnations of Type O Negative) may had enough power to controlling the dying guards before escaping themselves into bats and getting hidden on the clouds.

   Eat your heart-out and reach for the sky - Shadow is a sexual and sensual album talking about too much depressions; so you will agree for safety over the immediate lurking danger.