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Mansion Electroboy (Gay/Nerd Music 2007)

Okey girls, this acclamation message is clearly clear that you need to be careful for not letting their boyfriends especially, thus macho dick-faces listening and laughs through the sick-comedy jokes in House-Dance music miracles as a degradation of modern world in popular culture’s fusion between new ideas and Pop music that brought by Jonny McGovern: the Brooklyn’s Gay Pimp stand-up comedian whose celebrating his openly admittance for being gay to the public and never gets nervous about it – releasing his awkward recordings for quite interests to attracting the special scene of both sexual orientation members and music lovers for having the planned parent-hood in same-sex marriage using this hilarious fun and silly stupid album from the comedy-expert himself on Gays Gone Wild. 
Yes, most girls will definitely cry for knowing that their boyfriends are totally, lying about their hidden mind-project not actually, a game of tricks but to be honestly – a hard thing you might going to tell the world on the last minutes before it blown up or something really scary shall occurs within midnight as Armageddon but for some straight people – these so called “Gay-margeddon” disaster must be a headline for the new millennium as the rights being restored in almost entire parts of the Northern hemisphere and seeing on public, legal as well as accepted BUT the lurking danger about the spreading disease on final hours in Pop-Dancing or Synthesizer beats of House-Rock-Music will conquering the inner city to the urban areas; rainbow-ing the calmer warmth world using Somethin’ for The Fellas (That Like The Fellas) feat. Team Pimp, Orange Juice feat. Xander, Afterhours feat. Adam Joseph to  Bossy Bottom feat. Adam Joseph, Linda James and Erickatoure Aviance; leaving you breathless even before you diving into LGBT’s realm deeper. 

Important message to read is this – Girl, I Fucked Your Boyfriend and the jokes are on you bitches ! 

Gays Gone Wild: