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Make That Money Girl (Sony Music/Epic 2017)

   Another tasty shining star off your Pop Music chart hits whose starting her career as an additional featured artist and singer for most of the great Disc Jockeys around the global Dance Music scene but now this is the time for Zara Maria Larsson (born in Stockholm, Sweden) to leads her own way for singing the self-inflicting materials based on her life-story or the adventurous times of post-teenagers breathing living sequence mostly, talking a lot about romance or good times themes right on her brand new album – So Good with her similar voice which can be closely resemblance to Rihanna’s popularity – in this case is for the white girls and European singers to shine brighter cause even her ep recording release already giving her a triple platinum rewarding Zara Larsson to step-up her next level of musical life since then. Blonde and beautiful with attractive looks and sweet voice; you shall falling in love quickly with her sounds which reaching between the Rn’B to DanceMusic to Electronic and Pop as the beats kept on as the guardian guaranteed for more gaining measurements and listeners on her music works. Go get the tracks of delicious modern semi-EDM or Synth-Pop Partying scenes via Lush Life, What They Say to So Good (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) or never Forget You (feat. MNEK) and with WizKid through Sundown – perfect for the holiday soundtrack and night-time session in slow-dance on the floor of the club or bars. 

So Good: