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Lurad Inte Mer Betala (Gaphals 2015)


   Whether the wrecking sounds and fast riffs of Punk/Hardcore blending by Thurneman might be reconsidered as Alternative Rock of Sweden, these Stockholm’s group consisting of Anders, Johan, Daniel and Petter perhaps, would be one of those most honest simplicity format of how the new bands rocking the new world views within the modern life and rubbish messages swirling the atmosphere of the oxygen layers we breathing for the last decades as the band releasing this album - De Raknar Vara Dagar.
   Forty-three tracks of melodic Punk/HC non-popularity like a freight-training of the small blasts on Swedish lyrics for angst-empowered of youth via interesting protest-themed songs like I Det Forgangna, Jag Har Mina Beforgenheter, Forvirring, De Raknar Mina Dagar or Den Magiska Cirkeln nor Sifo – in every one minutes and several seconds countable for glory of a fight or high-quality collective Punk Rock present.

De Raknar Vara Dagar: