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Lupina Blafeldur (Ever Records 2007)


   Considerate as the female version of Sigur Ros due to the girls form the same country of Iceland are also hanging out to recorded theirs with the semi-legends of Indie-Ambient group as they both having their own national pride interests for making music as an experiences of experimenting the likes and ideas for giving the fusion mixes on noises, sounds and other influences materials that’s favorable to them.
   Amiina must be the eve virgin of the Neo-Classical Folk-Pop or Minimalist Ambient genre stepping out from Reykjavik as the quartet of women independently, trying to have their own world of musical freedom as Edda, Maria, Hildur and Solrun with the help from Orri Pall Dyrason (drums), Freyja Gunnlaugsdottir (bass clarinet), Snorri Siguroarson on trumpet for the girl’s debut album Kurr.
   Delighted tones without any tension occurs except peaceful and imaginary atmosphere for us to think about fairies, magical land and another wonder dimension through a musical portal may accessible by this record.
   The relaxing and awesome tracks like Glamur, Hilli, Rugla, Sogg, Kolapot or Boga are best to be listened on the dimmed light session inside your room with no other voices disruptions for the crowded real world outside. 
   The essential attractive sounds and music made by these Icelandic women perhaps, would gladly, appreciates by more audiences and listeners whom tolerates the main reasons about why we need to protecting and preserved our own environments because not only in order that our grandchildren or great grandchildren would still having chances to feel or to touch the natural as beautiful as we loved to seeing them just about like right now. 
   Kurr must be filled with those kinds of wisdom teachings for us to learn by steady listens the effects of almost all traditional instruments and modern ones becoming one in unity on this record. 
   Thanking Amiina isn’t just enough for us to preserving our beloved Mother Earth without our trust and will to helping her being always in save and sound mode …