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Love Burns Suzie (Heart Of Steel Records 2012)

   Glam-Metal exhibits melodies and slicer solos with heavier riffs as well as the great English-tongued vocals performance spared the curiosity for addicted on more louder screaming themes among thus collectible songs written by these Hard-Rock band from Minas Gerais – Brazil which releasing Rollercoaster Ride and which Killer Klowns shall taken you upside down by their edgy music and good vibrations within the resurrection of Heavy Metal from the South American – delivering their creative and best; most awesome and fucking delicious taste of sounds to share into those glammy kinds of Sammy Hagar type music that rocks you off your seats and keeping your neck and head warmer for more plenty head-banger actions following the track-listing from Rollercoaster Ride such as Everytime, Until The End, Wild Place, You Can’t Win It All, Save Your Tears, Don’t Take My Heart with You or Years Gone By. Reminding how exciting Skid Row, Warrant and most of the LA’s Hair Metal scene used to be sounded that day. 

Rollercoaster Ride: