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Lost Lonely (Steamhammer 1991)

   Formed in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg: Germany’s great rockers commonly known as Letter X the band that mixing Heavy Progressive Rock with the themes like darkness, night-time to personal touch really corny to discuss but more intelligent would be the band’s trying to be the new Def Leppard or Ronnie Dio impersonator but the led guitarists Frank Schmidts and Rudiger Fleck or lead vocalist Steffen Lauth exposing the band’s semi-Thrash and Speed Metal performance through the characters as well as the double-pedals and cool harmony really making Letter X's album Time of The Gathering as the militia sounds on Strong Believer, Leather on Leather and Princess of Darkness; yet – seems to be looking quite ordinary but extra-ordinary about how someone preserved them. 

Reaching sounds as should be an excellent classic one ...

Time of The Gathering: