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Liver’s Bad Test (The Control Group 2006)

Hailing the Hard Rock tension and sequences bursting out off these San Francisco’s rockers trio baptizing themselves drown deeper on the glorified water of The Golden Gods splashing and exploding bigger for their stage performance shows as the groovy music also made a touch down through the band’s debut album – The Thorny Crown of Rock N’ Roll not because Simon Scott seems to be similar in his power auras compared to Justin Hawkins or and The Golden Gods aren’t an impersonator for semi-legendary names before them like The Darkness or Mr. Big but you need to taking a way back straight line pointed to either Humble Pie or Grand Funk Railroad as their influences. The Thorny Crown of Rock N’ Roll is one hell of a rock album which completed for you to drinking, fucking, head-banging and non-stop partying within it; as the track-listings are tightly arranged by the trio to make the crowds gone crazy but happy as thus classic rock anthems shall be made out of those Dynamite Lady, Funny Lookin’ Man, Midas Touch to Stone Fox available like a favorite intro entrance for WWE Raw nights. 

The Thorny Crown of Rock N' Roll: