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Limerence Surfers (Pure Noise Records 2014)

Compilations of hits would slowly killing Punk Rock but Power-Pop comes as a savior for commercialism not many occasions often enslaved the listeners and the band to be trapped inside the demon circle of the late last nineties and beyond new millennium’s curse of Emo-Pop Rock. 

Gnarwolves might also becomes one of those whom needs to releasing their own compilation album of several tracks combined into one package not easily recognitions as being semi-famous but needs to touch the effective pro-commercial selling-out surviving mode on with the silly title album on The Chronicles of Gnarnia. 

The trio of Max Weeks, Thom Weeks and Charlie Piper feels that they don’t need to wearing snow-mask just for bursting and have fun for Party Jams, Decay, No Time for Old Bones to dancing crazy with Reaper or drinking Chlorine in The Jean Pule as well as wiser thoughts displaying through A Gram is Better than A Damn or Melody has Big Plans – probably, showing the intentions of the Punk Rock with lots of emotional feelings group giving their fast, raw and best melodic format of UK’s finest sounds ! 

Chronicles of Gnarnia: