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Lies Into My Veins (Alfa Matrix 2010)

   Not quite a great music for spending your quiet calm or normal evening with the releasing from this Black Metal and Industrial Electronic or simply, known also as the Bloodsucker-Trance noise, blasting their blasphemous terror beats of dark realm and underground basic for nightmarish dancing themes as some of their notes might be a key for anyone who being lucky for entering the hidden society of nocturnal modern nosferatu’s breed in their clubs or lair if you can finding the door to that. Alien Vampire is the group formed by those separatist army of Electro-Techno-Dance-heads from both UK and Italy and next steps while recorded dozens of albums and singles to many collaborating acts within thus similar groups or coven; the spreading of the band’s disease of Harsh EMB, Industrial-Electro, Aggrotech or Dark Electro are getting intensive and regularly accepted by the most underground society of non-vampiric such as the Anarchist or hackers and Environmentalists  leading the assembly for global fights and attacking movements towards evil corporations or religious symbols as the reigning life-style and mode already captures the essential core of power from this sub-genre music. The Harshlizer album should be the band’s ultimate release where Nysrok Infernalien done the vocals, synthesizers or guitars while Nightstalker did the drumming, programming, mixing and synthesizers with several collaborators, additional musicians and pussies for “feeding” fun through-out the temptation of crazy beats and intense force on songs like She’s on Drugs (more than me), Control The Universe, Death March, Entity or Fearless and See You in Hell – definitely giving the superb touch of colder sharpen nails feasting on weak souls on the dark corners while Evil Bloody Music blasts off !