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Letdie. Nothing (Not On Label 2014)

   A temporary or permanent collaboration between five piece of metal-heads from Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington where one might allegedly, head-banging in non-stop due to the cranking of this band’s releasing record: Headless (ep). 
The Metalcore/Sludge/Modern Prog-Metal system named Verbera as consisting of vocalist Eric Glass, Jake McKinsey and Keiffer Becker on double guitars pryo-blaster and shredders with bassist Connor bacon and drummer/vocals Bob Gibbs; not mentioning themselves as the righteous one or the blindfolded fools for non-compromising any of their acts and exploding music match the madness of insanity infecting our global world today. 
With five songs come more kicker blown-out tension Metal music for fuckers as the pig-screaming terrors you with Exodus or Transgressor (feat. Ben Hoagland) …