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L'Enfant Univers (Bandcamp 2016)

It’s a simplicity fusion of Synth-Pop, Electro-Dreamy Spacedub or Analogue experimental Chill-out which can be really confusing to you for the first time but in listening to these Denver’s duo – Darren Douglas Dahany on vocals, synthesizers, guitars and percussion as well as Kelley Donovan on samplers, synths, melodica and voice; putting their bet on musical career as the lucky really changing and ever since then, their lucky days are countless with the establishment of Keldari Station that releasing the album – Say Goodbye to Ground Control that symbolizing the couple musicians as the astronauts whose on the mission for exploring the new planets beyond our own galaxy requested where no music producer ever go before … Fun or non-lethal but some tracks also having their own trademark sounds of trippy/tricky/creepy like Blackwhole, Quantum Singularity and Pins of White on The Shrouds as fascinating to make amazed everyone whom listening to them as well as thus energetic and enjoyable songs like Lucky and Running. You might wanted to exploring more as they’d also keep doing that within their experienced experiments here and then - as the attachment being cut due to the malfunction reports; the group decided to go their own.

Say Goodbye to Ground Control: