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Last Drop Curse (Independent 2015)

   Combining the hottest and heaviest sections off Hardcore Metal and Death-Core of the underground to the extremities which almost impossible for not be called monstrous; any metal-heads addicts would definitely giving this album and the band themselves out from Leon, Castile and Leon’s Death Bringer for their lyrics and themed music about rebellion, death and society complexity as well as the influenced melodic from Symphony Modern Metal and as well as Heavy Metal that all being compact inside the recording release debut of the band consisting with Peibol (bass, vocals), David (drums), Alberto J. Iban Diezhandino (guitars) and our female lead screamager - Paloma Gomez blasting the essential perfection of purity through-out the extreme sounds in fast/slower mode tempos dangerously. Combining Thrash Metal and Metalcore to the ambitious track-listing cemented here on Avoid Reality album; let yourself be blown explosively away because of the loudest semi-atomic bombing out of your stereo system via Chemical Burn, Waltz of The Vampire, Leave It All Behind and This Cold Inside. 

Make sure you did turn the volume really up and loud !

Avoid Reality: